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Alper Dostal is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Austria.

Born and raised in Vienna and he has been working there since graduating in 2013. Alper studied Graphic & Communication Design and completed the Masterclass in Vienna. After some years working as a graphic designer, mostly in the branding, user interaction, and editorial design field, he decided to continue studying and completed a degree in Design & Narration.


Since 2016 he is specializing in creating visual concepts that move between art and design to communicate appealing stories through strong images and animation. Often driven by an abstract, surreal and aesthetical style with the connection to our everyday life.


Using 3D technologies and software allows him to explore the impossible and to connect it to our present reality. He is creating commercial work with clients all over the world to help explore new possibilities and is also working on non-commercial projects to express himself and share ideas that inspire @alperdostal.


He worked with studios and agencies around the globe such as Six N. Five, Spring, VerVieVas, LittleRedRobot, White, Red & Green, and many more for clients and brands like Samsung, Baker Hughes GE, General Electric, Cleveland State University, Teka, Marvis, Infosys and more.


In 2022 he released his first online course with Domestika to teach about the 3D Lettering Design including his own workflow. Learn to design 3D letters with modular structures in Blender here.

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